Ardglass Golf Club was formed on the 28th June 1896 by a group of men who met in the stables that were located at the rear of the present Clubhouse. The beginning was quite humble, just seven holes laid out on some 20 acres of ground in the area in front of the Clubhouse. Within two years, the club rented additional land and then became a nine hole course. The course remained basically unchanged for more than 70 years until more land was purchased and the course extended to 18 holes. In the 1990s additional land overlooking Coney Island was acquired and the Course layout altered to its present design.

Over the years, the Club has produced many distinguished exponents of the game. Hugh Shaw, the Captain of 1897, was a distinguished ambassador of golf, John Hamill, a native of Ardglass, learned his golf here and became one of the earliest golf professionals in Ireland. However, the pinnacle of achievements from the home-grown players was that of Alfie Lowe who as a young man won the Irish Open in 1922. He was the Club’s President from 1967 to 1975.

With its castles and tower houses, the village of Ardglass retains much of its medieval glory, and indeed one of the castles has been adapted as the clubhouse. Times have changed for Ardglass in the last 1000 years. It was an important port with a natural harbour that was used by the followers of William the Conqueror long before the City of Belfast existed to import the likes of silks and wines. King John of the Magna Carta fame is reputed to have stayed in area close to the original castle when in Ireland and although badly worn by the ravages of time a 13th century stone crest from the traders of the City of London remains in the building.

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